Myeloma Canada funds Canadian research projects that satisfy one or more of Myeloma Canada’s Funded Research Principles. 

The research in question must have a direct impact on:
     -  improving the quality of life and/or survival of myeloma patients;
     -  increasing patient access to new myeloma therapies, new treatment combinations, or improved treatment administration;
     -  improving  myeloma healthcare delivery.

Funded research projects must help address at least one of the Top Ten priorities for multiple myeloma research in Canada.

The priorities were  identified through the Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). The Myeloma PSP is a collaborative project between the Horizon Health Network, the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT UNIT (MSSU), and Myeloma Canada, and adhered to established PSP practices set by the James Lind Alliance. Click here to read the published correspondence, “The future of myeloma research in Canada and beyond: results of a James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership”.


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